• Set the agenda
  • Set the roles
  • What are you hoping to learn today?
  • What’s expected of you?
  • How does the team set roles and responsibilities?
  • What is your role on the round? – ask or volunteer for one

tab 1

  • Target your learning
  • If the condition is new – look it up
  • if the condition is common, how is this case different?
  • If the case is undifferentiated, list the differentials and find out if your team has a framework for undifferentiated cases.
  • If the child has signs examine them.

tab 2

  • Inspect and reflect
  • What information is the team using to make management decisions. If you are not sure, ask.
  • How is information conveyed to families?
  • How do the team members interact with children of different ages?

tab 3

  • Seek closure
  • Clerk patients
  • What did you learn?
  • Do you need to clarify anything?
  • Did the round highlight any gaps in your knowledge or skill?

  • Clerk a patient. Compare your ‘admission note’ with that of the team.
  • When clerking patients try out a framework for considering all the differentials such as ‘SPIT the diagnosis’.
  • If you have identified any new information share this with the team.

tab 4